The Orange Wine Sampler
The Orange Wine Sampler

The Orange Wine Sampler

The perfect orange wine pair of our delicious Bheeyo Skin-Contact Orange Wine, and the disco-ready Monje Orange Wine.

An elevated and fun duo, crafted to be shared.

750ml, 10.5-10.6% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes

Bheeyo Sunset sherbet color, exotic tropic gold apricot and temple orange notes, peach ring aromatics with an energetic and lively finish.

Monje Fresh royal mandarin orange and double delight nectarine, bright, juicy, candy-like, with an ocean sea breeze finish.

Region and Grape Varietals

Monje 53% Organic French Colombard from Madera | 32% Organic Gewürztraminer from Paso Robles & Potter Valley | 10% Organic Zinfandel from Mendocino | 5% Organic Albariño from Lodi

Bheeyo 56% Organic French Colombard from Madera | 31% Organic Gewürztraminer from Paso Robles & Potter Valley | 9% Organic Zinfandel from Mendocino | 5% Organic Albariño from Lodi

Nutritional Data

93 calories | 2.5 carbs | 0g proteins | 0g fats | 0g sugar
average analysis per 5 fl oz

Ingredients: Organic Grapes, Sulphur (<35ppm add)

94 calories | 2.5g carbs | 0g proteins | 0g fats | 0g sugar
average analysis per 5 fl oz

Ingredients: Organic Grapes, Sulphur (<35ppm add)


Monje - Squash Blossoms stuffed with Ricotta, Oysters
on the Half Shell, Paneer Tikka Masala

Bheeyo - Smoked Rainbow
Trout, Pad Thai (or any Thai Cuisine), Al Pastor Street Tacos

I dare you to find something this won't pair with. Like day to night, near and far, The Orange Wine Sampler has got you covered no matter what you want to have it with. We find this trio makes for a great party starter and is the best gift wine sampler.

Low sulfites
0g Sugar, Dry

Orange Wines from California

We picked Organic French Colombard, Gewürztraminer, and Albariño from Madera, Paso Robles, Potter Valley, and Lodi, and hand-picked Organic Dry Farmed Zinfandel in Mendocino.

Our 7-day Skin-Contact Monje had a 10% Zinfandel coferment and was coarse filtered, and the 24-day Skin-Contact Bheeyo Orange wine had a 9% Zinfandel coferment.

Both wines were fermented wild with native yeast, and the wines were sur lie aged before being racked off the thick lees to tank for bottling on a Full Moon's day. Each bottle was waxed by hand. Great for sharing at the dinner table, getting a party started and for gifting.

Semi Carbonic, Native Fermentation, Minimal Sulphur additions of 35ppm and less. Our '23 Orange Wines produced in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California.

What is natural wine?

Also known as raw wine, or minimal intervention wine - we're all about letting our grapes sing and making wines that are living reflections of the land.

1. Farming

Our natural wines begin with sustainable farming: grapes grown using organic or biodynamic farming methodologies.

2. Spontaneous

We let the grapes undergo spontaneous fermentation by their own native and wild yeast as opposed to using lab-grown.

3. Winery

In the winery, we avoid the 60+ additives that are common in conventional wines like animal products, synthetic chemicals, flavorings, or manipulation like pasteurization.

Limited sulfur to protect the wines through bottling is the only addition.

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Verified Buyer
Best wine I’ve ever had
Verified Buyer
Sip of the summer!
This is a beautiful skin contact out of California! Grapefruit, orange, and nectarine on the palate for me with a beautiful bright acidity. Easy summer sipper that anyone you are with will enjoy. Absolutely love the gorgeous color on this wine and love the ethics behind making it. Would highly recommend!
Verified Buyer
My Favorite Orange Wine!
Super bright orange! It is my favorite i’ve ever tried, actually. I love ordering in bulk from here and saving a few dollars at the wine store :)
Verified Buyer
Bold Juicy Orange
Such a unique wine, amazing flavor of Mandarin oranges, peaches and kumquats with a big juicy finish. Perfect for summertime winter time, and all the time!
Verified Buyer
Loved it!
I started getting into orange wines after I finally tried this one!
Verified Buyer
Spectacular wine — enjoyed...
Spectacular wine — enjoyed it with friends!
Verified Buyer
Love it
Love it
Verified Buyer
Verified Buyer
Delicious! Have been wanting...
Delicious! Have been wanting to try natural wine for a while and where I live there's not a good selection. Got this for my wife's birthday and we were very pleased. Will definitely order again.
Verified Buyer
Verified Buyer
refreshing and crisp
This wine is so refreshing and perfect for summer. I can’t wait to have a glass of it to relax by the beach.
Verified Buyer
I was skeptical…
I was skeptical about ‘natural wine’. Thought it would be too sweet for my taste, but it was delicious! I’ve already put two of my friends onto this. No headache and it taste AMAZING!
Verified Buyer
This wine is super good. Is the perfect gift. Love the presentation and that you are able to add a note for who's receiving.
Verified Buyer
Easy process, great shipping...
Easy process, great shipping prices. Haven't tried this wine yet but really looking forward to it!
Verified Buyer
The most delicious wine!!!!!
The most delicious wine!!!!!
Verified Buyer
Orange is the new black!
It’s really hard to find orange wine where I’m from and I really appreciate they Tinto has two types!