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We craft natural wines and spritzes. Delicious AF, sustainable & unpretentious, always.

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Natural wines and organic grape wines crafted with limited to no intervention.

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Flavor-forward wine spritzes and cocktails.

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It's not about drinking often, but to drink exceptionally if you do.

Anish started Tinto to create natural wines and spritzes for those who enjoy sustainable & delicious wine without the synthetics, or pretentiousness. We don't promote drinking culture but rather mindful enjoyment.

Tinto is minority-owned, and family & friends run; we craft our wines and spritzes with love and a whole lotta fun!

  • We are Happy, Here & Now–
    Never Trying to Escape the Moment
  • We Celebrate our World—
    and Bringing Humans Together
  • No te Preocupes, No Pasa Nada—
    We live with No Worries
  • We are Up for Anything—
    (Especially the Beach)
  • We Love Ourselves—
    and Believe in Living Consciously

Tinto for a Better Cause

At Tinto we donate 5% of proceeds to an organization or charity that helps serve the communities we call home.

We previously have supported our local food banks - providing 100,800 meals to the hungry in LA and Orange Counties through 2021.

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