Natural wines, organic grapes,
and skin contact.

We craft natural wines that are artisanal, raw, and meant to be shared.

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What is natural wine?

Also known as raw wine, or minimal intervention wine - we're all about letting our grapes sing and making wines that are living reflections of the land


Our natural wines begin with sustainable farming: grapes grown using organic or biodynamic farming methodologies.


We let the grapes undergo spontaneous fermentation by their own native and wild yeast as opposed to using lab-grown.


In the winery, we avoid the 60+ additives that are common in conventional wines like animal products, synthetic chemicals, flavorings, or manipulation like pasteurization. Limited sulfur to protect the wines through bottling is the only addition.

Wines are a huge hit

Love this trio

Great American orange wine

Watch upstart Tinto Amorio

The coolest new wine brand

We craft natural wines the way you would.

Tinto was started by our family & mates with a desire to make exceptional natural wines from California, and to bring transparency, sustainability, and less pretentiousness to the wine industry. These wines are crafted for the appreciators of life, enthusiasts of skin contact, and celebrators of the unscripted - or what we like to call members of the Skin Contact Club™.

Our efforts include being transparent about our production methods and nutrition statements, working with vineyards to convert them to organic farming, and since our first vintage was released in Feb of '22, Tinto has remained minority-owned by our family & mates.

1000's of vino lovers

Blown away...

Excellect Zinfandels. Blown away by the Glou Glou, and the Rose was a staple at the last dinner party!


One of the Best...

This glou glou might be the best wine I have ever had. It should be a 99 point wine...Neither I, nor anyone I shared these with had a hangover...I just placed an order for 3 more cases. Wow.


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