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Jajaja - Glou Glou Red Wine

Jajaja - Glou Glou Red Wine

Chillable semi-carbonic Glou Glou red wine. Designed to evoke the warmth you feel laughing with your mates. JAJAJA is the talking point of every dinner party or disco, and is crafted to be shared.

750ml, 12.4% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes

Fresh pomegranate, rhubarb, juicy autumn bliss raspberries, a light earthy note on the finish. Bright acidity.

Region and Grape Varietals

100% Dry Farmed Zinfandel from Mendocino County

Nutritional Data

111 calories | 4g carbs | 0g proteins | 0g fats | 0g sugar
average analysis per 5 fl oz

Ingredients: Organic Grapes, Sulphur (<25ppm added)

nutritional deets if your curious

Nearly Sold Out - Only Available in Sampler
Low sulfites
Dry, 0g Sugar

Hand harvested in California

The organic dry farmed old vine, Zinfandel was hand-picked in Mendocino at sunrise and brought down to Healdsburg.

50% whole clusters and 50% destemmed berries were gently added to tank for a semi-carbonic fermentation for 7 days. The grapes were gently pressed and barreled down with thick lees to finish the native fermentation.

The Glou Glou wine was sur lie aged before being racked off the lees to tank for bottling on a full moon's day. All of our friends came together and we waxed each bottle by hand.

Unfined, Unfiltered, Native Fermentation and Semi-carbonic. <25 ppm of sulfur was added to the wine. A limited production wine.

What is natural wine?

Also known as raw wine, or minimal intervention wine - we're all about letting our grapes sing and making wines that are living reflections of the land.

1. Farming

Our natural wines begin with sustainable farming: grapes grown using organic or biodynamic farming methodologies.

2. Spontaneous

We let the grapes undergo spontaneous fermentation by their own native and wild yeast as opposed to using lab-grown.

3. Winery

We take a minimal intervention approach to winemaking. Avoiding additives like animal products, synthetics, flavorings, or manipulation like pasteurization. Limited sulfur to protect the wines through bottling is the only addition.

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