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The perfect mix of our semi-carbonic red - Glou Glou, our groovy Bheeyo 24-day Skin-Contact Orange Wine, and the funky Monje Orange Wine. A life-changing trio.

750ml, 11.2-12.4% Alc. by Vol.

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  • Organic Certified
  • Vegan Low Sulfite
  • Dry, 0 Sugar Wild Ferment
  • Limited Production

Hand-harvested in California

We hand-picked Organic Dry Farmed Zinfandel in Mendocino and Organic Gewürztraminer in Paso Robles and scooted them to Healdsburg. Our Glou Glou natural wine underwent 7-days of semi-carbonic maceration and no interventions, our 7-day Skin-Contact Monje had a 7% zinfandel coferment and was filtered, as was the 24-day Skin-Contact Bheeyo Orange wine with a 5% zinfandel coferment. All three were fermented wild with native yeast, and the wines were sur lie aged before being racked off the thick lees to tank for bottling on a Full Moon's day. All of our friends came together and we waxed each bottle by hand. 35 ppm of sulfur (or less) was added to the wine.

Ingredients: Organic Grapes, Sulphur (35ppm or less)

Limited Production Glou and Orange Wines
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