The Monk Tote
The Monk Tote

The Monk Tote

The large Monje / Monk tote for your natural wines, and essentials.

Signature Monk wrap around design.

750ml, 11.2% Alc. by Vol.


100% Cotton Canvas


15.5' x 16' inch

Large enough for 4 bottles of vino, your laptop or groceries for a special meal

Organic Cotton
High quality

Skin Contact Club

Skin Contact refers to both how we make your favourite wines, as well as the initmacy you share with lovers new and old.

Our Skin Contact Club represents the appreciators of life, enthusiasts of skin contact, and celebrators of the unscripted.

Glou some more

Natural Wine - Sampler

Tinto Amorio - Natural Wine Sampler 2023

Elevated Natural Wine collection of Orange and Semi-carbonic Red vinos

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Monje - Orange Wine

Monje - Skin-contact Orange Wine | Tinto Amorio

7 day Skin-Contact Orange Vino with a little disco for your palate

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Jajaja - Glou Glou Red Wine

Jajaja - Glou Glou Red Wine | Tinto Amorio

Show stopping Glou Glou. Semi-carbonic, fresh, and insanely delicious

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The Orange Wine Sampler

The Orange Wine Sampler

Show stopping 24-day Bheeyo, and 7-day Monje Skin-Contact Wines

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