'21 No Pasa Nada - Rosé Wine


The best Rosé you've ever had in your life. Crafted to bring you the lighthearted, stress-free vibe of a Sunday morning. Serve chilled & pair with brunch or beach (or both).

8 cans are 2 and 2/3 bottles (750 ml)
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  • 110 Calories 4.5% ABV
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Low Sulfites
  • Sustainable Chemical-Free Grapes
White Wine | Tinto

Rebujito vs. White Sangria

  • 1/2 the Calories of a White Wine Sangria
  • 100% Bubbling + Natural Ingredients
  • Lower ABV for relaxed enjoyment
White Wine | Tinto
White Wine | Tinto

The Origins of Rebujito

In the southern Spanish region of Andalucía, locals created a twist on the sherry cobbler befitting of the warm environment and rich culture.

This spritz, a mix of sherry & lemon soda pop muddled with mint, soon came to be known as “Rebujito” or a tangled (little) mess. It quickly rose to be the drink of choice during the Spring ferias in Seville and Jerez.

This is our Californian iteration on the Spanish Rebujito. We’ve kept the mint and lemon, but opted for a light and refreshing white wine base rather than its sherry counterpart. A delicious white wine spritz.

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