Glou Rosé - Bundle

The best duo of natural wines; semi-carbonic - Glou Glou red wine, and an award-winning Rosé. Exceptional vino for long dinners, laughs with mates, and gifting.


Glou Glou: exotic cola spice, rhubarb, bramble
Rosé: raspberry, river stone, macadamia

750ml, 12.7-13.9% Alc. by Vol.

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  • Organic Natural Wine
  • Vegan Low Sulfites
  • Dry, 0 Sugar WIld Ferment
  • Limited Production
Tinto Amorio - Glou Glou - Poolside

Hand-harvested in California

We hand-picked Organic Zinfandel in Paso Robles and scooted them up to Healdsburg. Our Glou Glou natural wine underwent no intervention, and our Rosé was filtered. Both summer wines were fermented native, and sur lie aged before being racked off the thick lees to tank for bottling on a Full Moon's day. All of our friends came together and we waxed each bottle by hand. <35 ppm of sulfur was added to the wine.
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