Our Story


Our Story

Our Story

While studying in a beach town on the southern coast of Spain, we were first introduced to Spain's unique sparkling wine cocktails. Immediately falling in love with the refreshingly unique tastes, and the Spanish culture, we decided to bring these cocktails, their stories, and the allure of the Spanish lifestyle to the U.S. With a commitment to making the highest quality and authentic sparkling wine cocktails we use natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, and our cocktails undergo countless iterations to make sure they are crafted to be authentic to their namesakes from Spain.

Where did Tinto "Amorío" come from?

Amorío means "Love Affair"...we wanted you to know that our Tinto is more than just your average sparkling wine cocktail, with our focus on creating unique & authentic Spanish cocktails, for a healthy lifestyle, while spreading some love and giving back to the community - Tinto Amorío is #ASpanishWineAffair

Why Tinto Amorío?

Our wine cocktails have unique flavors that taste great, are produced with quality & integrity, and are drinks that are tried & tested by Spaniards for over 100 years.

Red Wine of the Summer™

...brings out a refreshingly gentle and cool sparkle to a lemon spritzed red wine to make a cocktail that you will fall in love with - based on a Spanish wine cocktail - Tinto de Verano.

Health Conscious

Our Tinto tastes amazing, maintains the authenticity of Tinto de Verano, and is nutritionally sound at 110 Calories, with No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Preservatives, and Natural Juices and Flavors. It’s also Gluten Free.

Socially Responsible

A portion of every sale goes directly towards supporting a charitable cause and promoting a better community.

Are your drinks actually for the "health conscious consumer"?

We are low calorie, and high on integrity. Our product is made with the best natural ingredients and with a focus on a letting our Amoríos live fun & healthy lifestyles.

Why cans?

On the beaches of Spain, it's common to hear the calls of "Agua, Cerveza, Tinto de Verano" or "Water, Beer, Tinto de Verano" from passing vendors. The vendors always carry Tinto de Verano in cans. We are committed to bringing you an authentic experience and cans do more than that...

They are also portable, environmentally friendly and recyclable, and easily chilled...why not cans?

They don't take away from the taste at all, and you can easily pour or drink directly from the them.

Fun fact: aluminum cans carry a lower carbon footprint than their plastic and glass peers!

How do I buy Tinto Amorío?

We are available for purchase Online and in select retail locations in SoCal and Manhattan! If we aren't available near you, request us at your favorite retailer and in the meantime order online

Note: to purchase online you must be 21, as well as must sign and present ID upon delivery of the product! We do not ship to NC, AL, KY, MI, MS, NH, SD, UT, & WV

Do you have other Cocktails?

We are currently in the process of creating new wine cocktails and will be needing taste testers to help perfect the formulas soon.

What does Tinto Amorío believe in?

We believe in having fun and enjoying great experiences, which begin with promoting  socially responsible enjoyment, and a healthy community

With those ideas in mind, we will donate a portion of every sale to an organization or charity that creates value in the communities we sell to, with each production run dedicated to a new cause.

Our Summer 2017 production run is dedicating a portion of its sales to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and their efforts to provide exceptional care and advancing knowledge in childrens' healthcare

Please follow this link to learn more about CHLA, as well as to make your own contribution.

How do I reach you?

Visit us on Instagram and engage with us with #ASpanishWineAffair or...

you can reach us by filling out our contact form! Stop by and say hello, we usually reply within 24 hours.